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  3. Payment: We only accept the payment methods on our websites
  4. Products: The website clearly states the purchase amount and has the rights and obligations to cancel any order below the stated amount.
    Order: Marijuana Man only ships the goods after having received the payment. Marijuana Man concede themselves the right to refuse orders or to process the order at a later date if payment is confirmed.
    Warranty: All products bought from us come with a statutory warranty. This means that a product must be in good condition and should perform properly when used.
  5. Money-Back Guarantee: Marijuana Man guarantees that if you don’t receive your package after 5 business days for those in the United State and 7 days worldwide you have the full right to ask for a refund or reshipment of your package.
    If you receive a product that does not fulfill this requirement then we will provide you with a repair, a replacement, or a refund depending on the product. In addition to the statutory warranty, certain products come with a manufacturer’s warranty which is an extra guarantee provided by the manufacturer or importer.
    More information on the manufacturer can be found in the product documentation. If you have a defective product which falls under warranty, please contact us first by email or through our contact form immediately you receive your order.
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